The plan focuses on raw vegetables

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In fact this plan is very similar to a vegetarian diet because most of the food consists of fruits and vegetables. The plan focuses on raw vegetables especially because it is well-known that raw foods contain nutrients that are lost in the canning and preservation process.The Raw Foods diet emphasizes eating foods in their purest form.

Fruits, most vegetables, nuts, and other grains can be eaten without any cooking done to them. Most meals in this diet consist of salads - even at breakfast. Salad dressing can be simple like oil and vinegar or lemon juice. The carbohydrate count on this diet is low. Any processed food like breads, pastas, and rice are eliminated. Vegetables provide carbohydrates but in low quantities. Large quantities of vegetables have to be eaten to get a high level of carbohydrates.Dairy products are not included in the raw food diet. Dieters however can drink coconut milk. While coconut milk does have the same consistency as dairy many dieters find that it tastes just as good.

Drinks consist of only a few options. Water of course is a main part of the diet. You won't have to worry about getting eight glasses a day since most vegetables have a major water component to them. Fruit juices that are 100% juice can be consumed along with smoothies and the coconut milk.It is hardly surprising that people lose weight on the raw vegetable diet. You can eat vegetables all day long and because of the low calorie count you'll drop weight. One of the complaints is that the food and the diet can be rather bland because there's no cookingThe good news is that there are variations of the plan. Oftentimes people at processed grains in some cooked vegetables only in moderation.

Others will throw in some chicken Little Fish and other lean meat. Sometimes only sushi, uncooked fish, is added.Participants of the Raw Foods diet receive the needed protein through nuts and legumes. For people that exercise or want some sort of variety in their eating plan, this diet can be difficult especially coming from a Western society where foods use fat to enhance the taste. Meat and potatoes are the staples of our society and changing that is no easy task.Like other diet plans that eliminate specific types of food, the Raw Food diet can be hard to maintain. All food has some value. Even the early settlers ate meat along with their vegetables. Please visit our site to learn more about this diet, how to stick to it, great recipes, and other important diet information. When you visit today you can choose to receive a free BMI calculator or free diet diary. Visit now!

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